Quality & Technical Process Development & Documentation:

1. Quality Manual

2. Standard Operation Procedures (process, flow and inter-departmental)

a. Inspection Process or Work Flow

b. QA Folder Checking List

c. Visual Check Process

d. AQL Sampling

e. Metal Detection Process Control

f. Broken Needle Policy Control

g. Pulling & Pinching Test & Control

h. Critical, Major & Minor Defect Classification (Inspection Standard)

i. Loading Inspection

j. Folding Guidelines Procedure

k. Production Risk Assessment

3. Inspection Protocols (critical focus, testing, method of measurement)

a. Boys Wear

b. Girls Wear

c. Children Wear

d. Costume Party Wear

e. Accessories (Fashion, Decoration, Hair)

f. Swim Wear Boys

g. Swim Wear Girls

h. Basic & Casual Boys

i. Basic & Casual Boys

j. Boys Sportswear

k. Girls Sportswear

l. Children Sportswear

m. Boys Shoes

n. Girls Shoes

o. Jewelry

4. Working Instruction (Inspector - How to)

5. 3rd Party Inspection Agreement and critical requirements

Inspector Capability & Performance Evaluation

On-site Factory Capability Assessment will take minimum 1 day and depends on the size and number of employees and process. This assessment will highlight the opportunities, concerns and level to establish improvement in quality and efficiency depending on the current factory capabilities and opportunities whereby this is usually package with the consulting project. Customization of the different level of Quality Performance can be designed and crafted for the customer
Level 1: Best in Class, Lean Manufacturing, ISO 9001 Certified; QPM (Quality Prevention Mechanism), Performance Continual Improvement (PDCA), Cost of Quality Adoption and Implementation
Level 2: ISO9001 Certified and effective implementation, Walmart, Gap & Target Factory Audit Compliance; CQS (Closed-Loop Quality System), Critical QC Process Control, Practical Inspection Protocol or Standards with appropriate methodology adoption, QC & QA Skills & Development,
Level 3: No ISO9001 or Quality Management System, ISO9001 no effective implementation, basic Production Process Control

D. Workshop & Training:

1. 1-day Total Quality Assurance; Chinese with Chinese material

2. 1-day Apparel Technical Inspection; Chinese with Chinese material

3. 1-day Shoe Technical Inspection; Chinese with Chinese material

4. 1-day Jewelry Technical Inspection; Chinese with Chinese material

E. Consulting

Factory On-Site consulting can be provided with a defined scope of services. COMPASS can provide and establish the process to translate the "Voice of the Customers" into deliverables to ensure an effective Inspection checks to avoid "Quality Escape"

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