Factory Audit
Factory Audit

Compass currently has 25 Factory Audit consultants spreading across China - Dongguan; Shenzhen; Huizhou; Shantou; Yang Jiang; Jiangmen; Zhong Shan; Chaozhou; Shanghai; Hangzhou; Ningbo; Taizhou ; Wenzhou; Chongqing; Ying Tan. The geographical audit coverage in China includes Tian Jin; Hebei; Guang Xi; Inner Mongolia; Hunan; Hubei; Liaoning; Fujian; Zhejiang; Sichuan; Jilin; Shan Xi; Shanghai; Henan; Shandong and Jiangxi. 60% of the consultants hold a degree or diploma educational qualification and possess 2 to 10 years tenure with the organization. This team possess a total of 5 to 10 years hands-on Factory Audit consultancy experiences. For International present Compass had been assigned to cover Vietnam and Kuching; Malacca and Johor in Malaysia.

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