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Compass Inspectors and Engineers have more than 10 year experiences working in the highly precision mechanical machining industry - CNC Machining, Lathing, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Laser Marking, Engraving, Heat Treatment and Passivation. And material includes and not lmited to Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Die Steel, Tungsten Nickel Steel, Tungsten Nickel-Iron and Engineering Plastics. We're well exposed to high precision requirements and specifications of different industries such medical, electronics, semi-conductor, automotive and magnetic head industries. Machinery and Equipment. Compass team is capable to measure and inspect:


1. Mechanical and Precision Components and Parts

2. Automotive Components 

3. Precision Mold and Tooling

4. Plastic Injection Parts

5. Welding

6. Jigs, Tools and Fixtures

7. Machinery and Equipment

8. Mechanical and Precision Components and Parts


This team previously worked in Scarborough / SAE Magnetics BU6 - Precision Jigs, Tools and Fixture and Customized Automation Equipment design, fabrication and assembly. And in 2003 the Scarborough team achieved a Good Suppper Award recognition from the SAE BU1 Manufacturing Engineering on remarkable Quarter Quality Review performance - Qualiy, On-Time, Speed & Service, with 3 consecutive quarter QQR Scorecard achieved above 80 points score.

Compass team is skilled to measure and inspect with:

1. CMM 

2. Measuring Microscope

3. Micrometer

4. Roundness

5. Pin, Radius & Screw Gage

6. Optical Profile Projector

7. Height Gage

8. Hardness

9. Others


Compass team could execute and perform:

1. First Article Inspection 

2. Cpk Dimensional Inspection 

3. Measurement Error Analysis and Improvement 

4. Dimensional Correlation 

5. Gage R&R


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